Witty - surprising robot, cute to program

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Git libraries and demo code for Witty robot

Witty support Libraries

Xxx.pdf files under www.didel.com

Witty.pdf    Witty - a funny balancing robot    1p -1904
WittyQuickStart.pdf    Witty - first steps and list of preinstalled demos    2p -1905
WittySpecs.pdf    Witty - smart and compact, Arduino compatible    3p -1904
WittyDemo.pdf    Witty Demo2 comments    4p -1905
  WittyDemo2.zip    Witty Demo2 sketch    190507
WittySoft.pdf       4p -1904
  WittyTestLibs.zip    -not updated, see Git Lib (Witty TestLibs sketches )    190507
WittyGyro.pdf    Witty gyro and accelerometer    6p-1905
Averaging.pdf    Simple and sliding average    6p - 1906
WittyApa.pdf    Witty Apa102/Sk9822 Strip    4p -1903
RGBstrips.pdf    RGB strips.pdf    6p - 1706
PFMversusPWMforRobots.pdf    PFM vs PWM for Robots   4p-1903
TerSer.pdf    Serial terminal    4p - 1903
TerSer Git TerSer   Doc and sources    1903
diduino/PushButton.pdf    Push Button on Arduino pin 13    6p -151202
InterruptTimer2.pdf (to be done)      

IncludeFiles.pdf    Arduino/C include files    3p - 1405
Bahoma.pdf   Battery Holder using Magnets (BaHoMa system)    4p - 1905

Fichiers .pdf en français sous www.didel.com

Pythie.pdf    Aide à la mise au point    5p - 1903
TelecommandeIrSimple.pdf    Télécommande IR simple    2p -1812
Ir/RolloverCommandeArduino.pdf    Commander le Rollover avec Arduino    5p -1505
C/Interruptions.pdf    Interruptions sous Arduino    2p -1207
prof/PwmPfm.pdf    Comprendre le PWM et PFM    4p -1808
diduino/PfmPratique.pdf    PFM et vitesse progressive par interruption    8p -1406
LibI2C.pdf    Librairies I2C    2p - 1810
Pythie.pdf    Pythie – debugging help for "Dui" cards    5p - 1902

ff    to be done   

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