Product documentation

M0.3 and M0.2 Gears
Microgears.pdf 49kB Module 0.3 and 0.2 gears
Gears.doc 10kB M03 Gear specifications (updated)
Encoders.html 9k Use of our optical incremental encoders with the slotted gears See also RomEnco.pdf


Motors and gear insertion
Didel pager motor measures: see propellers/PropStudy.doc, page 12
InsertGears.html 6k How to insert tight gears on a pager motor (obsolete)

Gearboxes - how to assemble our gearboxes - kits are not available
GbKit1.doc 57 kB Assembly instructions for one-stage boxes
GbKit2.doc 80kB Assembly instructions for two-stage boxes, 4-7mm motors
GbKit3.doc 60kB Assembly instructions for one-stage boxes, 10mm motors
GbKit25.doc 60kB Assembly instructions for 4R25 gearbox, mod 0.2 gears
GbKit5.doc 60kB Assembly instructions for 4R5-02 and 4R7-04, mod 0.2 gears
MIR and TED - Infrared receiver-drivers and one-hand handle
(most are not available)
Mim4.doc 160 kB MIM4 0.44g - 4 channels IR or PPM receivers 0.5A
Mim3.doc 160 kB MIM3 0.27g - 3 channels IR or PPM receivers for two70 Ohm Birds + prop
Mip2.doc 160 kB MIP2 0.42g - 2 channels ESC servo inputs
Mip1.doc 160 kB MIP1 80 mg (yes, 0.08g)- 1 channels ESC for 70 Ohm Bird
Mir4.doc 160 kB MIR3 and MIR4, 3 and 4 channels receivers
Mir5.doc 99 kB MIR5 Mir5a Mir5b and Mir6, 3 and 4 channels receivers
MIRz.html 9 kB MIR3z and MIR5z are Z Tron compatible
Wiring.doc 84kB MIR wiring with ultralight connectors
Ted3.doc 69 kB Ted specifications
TedRa.doc 303 kB How to connect Tedra to 10 different radios

Plugs.doc 105 kB Connectors and wire kit for ultra-light slow flyers (updated)
Bahoma.doc 134 kB Battery Holder using Magnets (BaHoMa system) (updated)



Servos and Birds
GDservo 115 kB The Gasparin-Didel 1.33 proportional 1-2ms servo
Birds.doc 132 kB A family of magnetic actuators ; analysis and applications  
DocE.html 3 kB Robotic and PIC documentation (a list of files)  
miniCeline.html 8kB The miniCeline 6 grams RTF (wait end of september)
ULS.doc 112 kB Designing a less than 10 grams plane. Three construction techniques; weight analysis and constraints for the components.

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