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Documentation - June 8, 2005

We list here our documents that may be of interest to you. We have dropped some of the products mentionned below, but we feel the documentation still brings some useful information.
Gears.doc 163kB Mod 0.3 and 0.2 gears
Ira.doc 635kB Didel IR solutions and evolution path
IRsensors.doc 2755kB Comparing IR sensors (TSOP348xx versus NJL21Hxx)
RadirPub.doc 71kB RADIR - RC radio to IR converter
Radir.doc 330kB RADIR - RC radio to IR converter with details on connections to radios
EmirPub.doc 117kB EMIR - IR transmitter with battery charger - product cancelled
Emir.doc 254kB EMIR - IR transmitter with battery charger - product cancelled
PropSet.doc 81kB Mod 0.2 propulsion sets, 1.36g for 3-6g thrust - product cancelled
PropConn.doc 62kB Propeller connectors for very slow flyers
Mdxx.doc 83kB Mdxx miniature controller for base radio or IR receiver -- product cancelled
Mr31.doc 82kB Mr31 Plantraco compatible 3 channels receiver 900/868 MHz -- product cancelled
Bahoma.doc 325kB Battery Holder using Magnets (BaHoMa system)
BapiPub.doc 94kB Connecting small LiPoly batteries with magnets
BamiPub.doc 54kB Bohoma 5mm pitch contacts
BadaPub.doc 64kB Bahoma 5mm/10mm adapters
BapiLipo.doc 223kB Connecting batteries with Bapi-B
PinsPub.doc 34kB Ultralight connectors -- product cancelled
Plugs.doc 105kB Connectors for ultra-light slow flyers -- product cancelled

Technical papers

Click on the title to see the commented list of our general documentation on motors, propellers, magnets, etc

Product documentation

Click on the title to get the commented list of our assembly instructions for gearboxes, and Mir, wiring, Birds, etc.
Most of these products are obsolete, but you may find useful ideas.

PIC documentation

Click on the title to get a list of documents on programming the Microchip PIC micros with the CALM assembler. There is a general documentation both in French and English. Most of the application software and algorithms are in French.


Other documentation in English

Other documentation in French

Electronique et robotique - Electronics

Documentation en français

Composants électroniques (pdf 6p 272k)

Interfaces électroniques pour RS232 (pdf 65k)

Réducteurs au module M0.5 avec encodeur (pdf 115k)
(Pour robots de 10 à 20 cm)

Engrenages au module 0.5 (pdf 43k)

Capteur de distance infrarouge par réflexion (pdf 199k)

Capteur de distance infrarouge en tout-ou-rien (pdf 150k)

Commande de moteur pas-à-pas switec (pdf 249k)

Liaisons série SPI (pdf 99k)
RS232, SPI and I2C PIC 16F84/16F870 routines here)
R/C servos (pdf 253k)
Avec exemple de programme pour PIC 16F84
Routine PIC expliquées, librairie de programmes ici

Liste complète des documents PICS


Documentation in English

Microgears (module 0.3 and 0.2) (pdf 49k)

Control of miniature synchronous motors (pdf 428k)

Open-loop control for smoovy motors (pdf 386k)

Module 0.5 Gears (pdf 44k)

The Sharp distance sensor (pdf 184k)

Programming the Pic Microcontrolers (pdf 20p 1004k)
A detailed description of the PIC instructions, with examples

Synchronous Programming (pdf 299k)

The TSL1301 linear camera (2p, 90k)

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