Technical documentation for microplanes

partly obsolete, see

Motors and gearboxes
Motors.html 30 kB Characteristics of pager motors

Propellers and gear ratio
propellers/BalsaProp.doc 162k How to build ultralight balsa props
propellers/PropSurvey.doc 78k Results of our study (1 page)
propellers/PropStudy.doc 680k Analysis of props, motors and gearboxes (15 pages)
propellers/index.html 23k Propeller measures (obsolete)
Selguide.html 6kb Theoretical selection for matching a propeller and gear box

Magnets.html 5kB Magnets for maintaining system parts together
Birds.doc 132 kB A family of magnetic actuators ; analysis and applications

ULS (ultralight slow flyers) construction
ULS.doc 112 kB Designing a less than 10 grams plane. Three construction techniques. Weight analysis and constraints for the components.


Articles en français paru dans CERVIA
Cervia5.doc 166 kB Microavions électriques - Jouets
Cervia6.doc 141 kB Optimisation moteur-hélice
Cervia7.doc 340 kB Connecteurs et fils
Cervia8.doc 840 kB Actuateurs magnétiques


Robotic and PIC documentation
DocE.html List of available documents (quelques uns en français)




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