Swibot SST - The small, easy to control robot  

Not available any more    

The Swibot-SST is a complete kit simple to assemble at competitive price. its local processor (16F84) is programmed with a built-in obstacle avoidance program (see the video-380k) and an infrared control within the demo program (see the video-1100k)


The SST kit is delivered inside a nice case you can organize to carry your assembled Swibot and its accessories. Assembly instructions can be seen here
A RS232 link toward an embarked Basic Stamp, or toward a PC allows to define your own navigation program, through a simple communication protocol. There are 20 orders for setting speed and reading distance, angle, wiskers, IR, as described in the software documentation (Word file, 50k).
With the Stamp-BS2 or BSX, or your own AVR or ARM board, 14 I/O are available on two connectors of the SST
You can also reprogram the SST using the PicSmart environment and all our efficient routines, or you use a PicStart with an adapting cable, and do it as you like.

Swibot-SST is a real battery saver: the 9V battery will last for 10 hours motor running, and the robot will bip every 20 seconds for one week if you forget switching it off.
The SST is a cost-effective design, compare with equivalent robots

Price information

Swibot-SST kit
- PC board and components
- 16F84 preprogrammed
- DB9 cable and connecting cable

CHF 185.-
€ 125
$ 125

Paiement can be made with Visa or Eurocard after e-mail order and confirmation.
The CHF amount will be charged. Hence, the above € or $ amounts are not precise.

The Swibot-SST is the successor of the cheaper Swibot-Stamp, which has no additional 16F84, and has to be fully programmed in Basic.

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