Pager motors and robot gearmotors

Didel is well known for his choice of 4mm to 7mm pager motors with different resistance, that is different power.

We have now invested in gears and electronic to have the best robot motor for 200-1kg robots and many other applications

Electric motors need a gearbox, A reduction ratio betweem 20 and 100 is the best

It is rather easy to remove a motor from a toy, sometimes with the gears, but before making a robot around reused parts, check the voltage, the power and the noise. Motors with a reasonable current are mentionned "solar motors"

For playing with robots, look at the motor and gears used on CD to extract the disk. They are well designed, motor is usually 12V, but you may get enough power from a 5V supply.

New - Bo10 motor with gears and encoder options

Available also from Solarbotics

Documentation on hardware options

Documentation on quadrature encoder software

Documentation on fixture and wheels



VID29_03 - 9.50 for instruments

VID29_06 - 11.50 for light robots

Specifications on Wellgain website (Product and Service/support)

Switec compatible, only thinner. Low power, max 3 RPM

See also our old Switec measures

To order, fill the Didel file Order.xls.

VID29_03 Pins below

VID29_06 Pins above

Didel has the miniature 6mm motor 1:25 ratio with a cylindrical shaft, not the pulley one.

GM06-25 gearbox motor
10 Ohm 1:25 gearbox Starting voltage 1V



15 CHF


To order, fill the Excel column.


GM10-171 gearbox motor
10 Ohm 1:171 gearbox Starting voltage 1V


10 CHF


To order, fill the Excel column.



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