Slow flyers

Magnets for maintaining system parts together

SmCo Magnets can lift more than 2000 times their weight. They find applications for maintaining elements together, with an easy removal, self-centering positionning, and key positionning whith adequate orientation of magnets. They are also useful with Hall detectors for odometry. DIDEL has made a selection of small magnets. See our price-list if you do not come from there.

The 2x2x1 mm magnet can lift 80 grams for a weight of 0.033g. On a needle, the force will be reduces to 36 grams, but this can be quite usefull to have the needle on the fuselage of a slow flyer, and the magnet on the wing. The angle of incidence of the wing will be adjustable.

Fixation of a 5 grams wing on a tube of balsa fuselage.


Another nice application is for holding the battery. Two magnets maintain the battery and establish automatically the electric contact. See our Bahoma (Battery Hoilding with Magnet) standard.
  Li-Poly accu sticking below a structure


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